Our Company

Founded in 2000, A&W has consistently devoted itself to developing multimedia and wireless connection technologies in the software arena. With its vision of a world where people get closer and share more, A&W has set a clear and simple goal: Connecting multimedia for mobile lifestyles!

By connecting multimedia and developing communication between people, A&W creates an intimate network that allows people to truly enjoy an entertaining and boundary-free world. From personal information sharing, multimedia assistance, which includes music, voice, videos, and photos, wireless connection, to personal health care, A&W pursuits the goal of maximizing the communication possibility, and assures you a free lifestyle with more convenience, higher efficiency, and better life quality.

To achieve such a goal, A&W sets its strategy direction on integrating software and hardware efficiently, in order to create greater value for people and this industry. A&W develops the related technologies for different layers of software-hardware integration, such as device driver and firmware, application software, Human-Machine Interface (HMI), or Cloud Service and cross-platform migration. By doing so, A&W helps to improve the supportability and added value for its customer groups, including mobile devices, health care products, and other household appliances, just to name a few. The embedded solutions A&W provides are scalable, fine-tunable, cross-device, and cross-platform. It also provides the Testing Lab, offering reliable IOP test services.

With enthusiasm and devotion, A&W has been, and will continue to be the best technology developer and solution provider, committed to helping its partners and the whole software industry. Think of A&W as an extension of your team, and let’s build a better world together!