Bluetooth Stacks & Profile

A&W Stack & Profile is a complete Bluetooth software stack, Bluetooth profile and Application framework for customer’s Bluetooth integration needs on their device, OEM’s and semiconductor companies. Our  compact Bluetooth stack & profile has the smallest footprint and easy to port on most popular OS and platforms. Specifically designed for low cost and support multiple simultaneous applications and connections for devices including mobile handsets, automotive infotainment systems, medical devices, mobile internet devices and other consumer electronics.

A&W Stack supports

  • Bluetooth v2.1 + EDR, v3.0 + HS and Bluetooth v4.0 Low Energy (Depending on customer’s Requirements)
  • Bluetooth Profiles : (Depending on customer’s Requirements)
  • Operating Systems :

    * Windows CE/EC

    * Android

    * Linux

    * QNX Car

    * µITRON

    * µC/OS-II

    * DECT specified OS

    * pSOS

    * Scheduler…

  •  Platforms :

    * ARM

    * MIPS

    * RISC-Based

    * X86

A&W Stack & profile technical support

  •  Full API documentation.
  • Debugging Interface
  • Release notes
  • Interoperability Testing on Mobile Phones (Optional)
  • BQB Certification (Optional)


  • Compatible with any type of Bluetooth Chip, Operating System.
  • Flexible solution offering customization based on customer’s requirement.
  • Offers the best interoperability from one system to another.
  • Turnkey Solution.
  • Provides the most number of mobile phone compatibility.
  • Ease of migration from various platforms.
  •  Small Footprint.
  • Compliant with Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) specifications.