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Bluetooth PhoneLink is a complete embedded software solution connecting a mobile phone with car’s infotainment systems to perform task including answering incoming calls, making calls, manage and play audio/video content, accessing the internet content such as traffic conditions, weather forecast, Internet Radio, Music Stream and Control, etc… via Bluetooth.

Total Solution Package

A&W offers a total solution package by providing its own developed Bluetooth stacks & profiles for better interoperability with operating systems. With A&W’s Stack & Profile, cross platform is not an issue and can effectively control the program resources in accordance with customer requirement. On top of it, A&W can customize Bluetooth applications such as Terminal Mode, Two channel SPP, etc…

A&W offers the best car connectivity solution not only by resolving software connectivity issues, stacks & profiles issues but also application issues which makes Bluetooth PhoneLink the popular choice for car connectivity Bluetooth solutions worldwide.

Bluetooth PhoneLink Features:

  • Phonebook
  • Call Logs
  • Handsfree
  • 2 Channel SPP
  • Multipoint/Multilink
  • Tethering
  • SMS
  • Music Decoder & Player
  • Audio Routing
  • Terminal Mode
  • 3rd party Acoustic Echo Cancellation integration and tuning.

Supported OS :

  • WinCE
  • WinEC
  • Linux (TIZEN)
  • Android
  • QNX Car
  • uITRON

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