Car Radio

(One Din Car Radio, Two-Din Display Audio)

Car Radio

A&W’s Bluetooth PhoneLink solution extends to 1 DIN & 2 DIN aftermarket car radio systems providing Bluetooth Stacks, Profiles and the most advanced handsfree call system, caller ID feature, automatic phonebook download, music streaming, Message Alert, SPP for Internet Radio Conrol, and Acoustic Echo Cancellation solution.

Make & Receive calls

Bluetooth PhoneLink allows you to easily make & receive calls keeping your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. With A&W’s one time phonebook download, all the names & numbers (Mobile Number, Home Number, Office Number, etc…) can be access and displayed on car radio for quick phonebook access.

Listen to your favorite music

Bluetooth PhoneLink offers the best A2DP high quality stereo music streaming from mobile phone to your car radio systems. It also allows you to control all your music files via AVRCP and resumes music automatically after a handsfree call. Bluetooth PhoneLink streams your favorite internet radio stations via Bluetooth.

Supports Wide Band Speech

A&W’s PhoneLink has the most compelling solution supporting the latest HFP1.6 Bluetooth profile which includes wideband speech enjoying the 16 KHZ HD voice clarity during handsfree calls & voice dialing.


 Smallest Code Size

Most car radio brands & manufacturers has cost consideration on selecting the appropriate memory chip for data storage. A&W’s Bluetooth PhoneLink solves this issue as it has the smallest code size solution thus offering more flexibility for customer during procurement.

Supported OS :

  • µlTRON
  • Linux
  • RTX
  • FreeRTOS
  • µC/OS-II
  • QNX Car
  • pSOS
  • Scheduler

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