Bluetooth Phonelink Connection

A&W’s provides Bluetooth Phone Connection solutions for industries such as Cars (GPS Navigation, Car Radio, Car Kits, Speakerphones), Phones (DECT, VOIP), Consumer Electronics (Hi-Fi Systems, Speakers, iPod/iPhone docking stations), Computers (PC, Tablets).

We provide a comprehensive Bluetooth phone connectivity and extensive features from handsfree (call in / call out, 3 way call), PIM data transfer (Phonebook Download, SMS Download, etc..), Multi Music & Video Files, etc…), Multipoint Connection, A2DP/AVRCP music streaming, Internet Connectivity (Tethering, DUN/PAN), SPP for Data and Application Control, Wide Band Speech (WBS) among mobile and device. Supporting with currently over 1,300 popular mobile phones worldwide offering the best interoperability in the Bluetooth industry.


Bluetooth Stack & Profile

A&W Stack & Profile is a comprehensive Bluetooth software stack, Bluetooth profile and Application structure which is portable, compact and scalable ideal for embedded devices. The A&W Stack & Profile as a result contributes to a smaller, better, cheaper and easily maintained embedded Bluetooth products at a lower development cost and time to market. It also supports multiple Operating System so migration and porting of the original stacks & profile is not an issue.